Awesome FlipBook Creator to read Digital Magazine on Mobile Devices

Nowadays, with developing technologies, more and more people prefer to read book, browser website such as social networking sites on mobile devices rather on PC. Then do you want to read your novel book on mobile devices with page turning effect which feels like a real paper book? Here we are going to show you a free turn page publishing generator for your reference called FlipBook Creator. In short, FlipBook Creator is an awesome Flip Page Maker to create sparkling digital magazine publication in minutes.


Quick Import PDF to Digital Magazine Publication

It only takes you four steps to create awesome digital magazine publication with FlipBook Creator. First of all, import the PDF file and then convert PDF to flipbook. Next is to select template and theme. Then it is to refresh the magazine with clicking “Apply Change”. Finally, publish the flipbook as the format you want.

Awesome Diverse Templates and Themes

There are multiples templates for you to decorate the digital magazine and highlight the magazine content. The most obvious differences among the template are the tool bar position and icon shape.

Various Output Formats for Digital Magazine Publication

With FlipBook Creator, on one hand, you can publish digital magazine publication as plug-in for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal; on the other hand, you can email it, publish to FTP server, Html, Zip and mobile version and so on.

Read Digital Magazine on Mobile Version Simply

If you don’t want to publish it to local, then you can upload it online with the wonderful turn page publishing generator. After that, you will get the online address of the digital magazine. Then just type down the address on mobile devices browsers, you will read the flip book on mobile devices successfully.

How to create an online (Html5 & jquery) flipbook with Flip Html5

When we talk about HTML5 flip book maker, we have to mention Flip HTML5. Then what’s Flip HTML5? Flip HTML5, a wonderful flip book maker to make impressive and amazing page flipping magazine with interactive 3D page turning effect. What’s more, Flip HTML5 support PDF, Office, OpenOffice as well as images to gorgeous flip book, magazine, brochure, catalogue and album. Besides, multiple beautiful templates and themes to decorate flipping book and various design settings buttons to help you design the flip magazine with your own fashion style.


In short, the free flip magazine creator by Flip HTML5 not only can be enriched with multimedia contents but also allow to upload or publish to local to read smoothly and share easily. Then in the article we are going to teach you how to create an online html5 and jquery flipbook with Flip HTMl5.


First of all, go to Flip HTML5 website to download and install the software then run it. Click “Demo” to view demo or “create new” to start import file including PDF, Office, OpenOffice and images to program. And then you can continue to enrich and edit the flip book with Flip HTML5.


Next is to start enrich the flipping magazine with design settings, flip book editor, templates of Flip HTML5. Design Settings is to change the basic, display and html control settings such as tool bar color, font, background and position, auto play and so on; then flip book editor take charge of inserting multi-media elements on page such as music, images slideshow, video, button, link, flash etc. and templates is to decide what the flip book looks like.


Next is to select a way to publish the flip book with Flip Html5. There are two ways to publish html5 flip magazine. Uploading flip book online allows you share on social media sites, email easily. Publishing flip magazine to local is easy for store and read. However, if you want to check the flipping book on mobile devices, then you should upload it online first. Anyway, download the page flipping converter click here. By the way, if you would like to find a flip book maker based on html5 and flash, then you can have a try on PageFlipPDF.


Rich Feature Setting of 3D PageFlip PowerPoint

3D products are becoming more and more popular in our daily life such as 3D printer and 3D flipbook brochure creator and so on. As we know that 3D printing technology, which is based on a digital model file, the use of powdered metal or plastic and can be an adhesive material, through the layer-by-layer printing technology to construct objects.

With ordinary printer working principle is basically the same printer built-in liquid or powder, and other printed materials, connected to the computer, the computer-controlled print material layer laminated together final blueprint on the computer into a kind.

Then let’s continue to talk about the 3D flipbook brochure creator. That is 3D PageFlip for PowerPoint. 3D PageFlip for PowerPoint is an easy to use flipbook brochure creator to create realistic page turning flash book and sound effect. Anyway, we have to mention the rich feature setting of 3D PageFlip PowerPoint today. With this wonderful flip book software, you can make the set the logo and title of flash book; change the background and sound; make it enable to download or print; change the tangle of flash book and show the thumbnails or not and so on. However, the powerful feature setting not only make the flash book more beautiful and has rich content but also make it readable and comfortable.

Then if you want to get a free registration code of 3D PageFlip for PowerPoint, then you can miss the giveaway activity on on May,22,2013. Here is the link: Anyway, the download will be worked on that day and you can download the flipbook brochure creator directly and it also has the free registration code. By the way, if you are interesting to convert PDF to flash magazine, you can get more information on our website

Can we read in depth in mobile Era?

Recently, organized and implemented by the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication of the tenth National Reading survey showed that increased the proportion of nationals in the digital reading on this dimension, increased slightly from 38.6% in 2011 to 40.3% in 2012, the electronic book reading, but there is a considerable increase from 2011, the per capita 1.42 to 2.35 in 2012. Other News is that Sohu mobile devices news client, the cumulative installed capacity has broken one hundred million. This information seems to show, mobile reading era is coming.

Mobile reading (mac flip book) has many advantages, for example, can take full advantage of fragmentation, suppose, for example because of the establishment on the basis of the digital technology, the collection has become very convenient to share. A collection share the impression notes, said that downloads has exceeded 300 million, it seems that people do have needs in this area.

Textual criticism of the media environment to learn a pulse scholars, read gave birth gave birth to liberal individualism, individualism, liberalism gave birth to today’s mainstream civilization. This test, according to whether the right can be discussed, but its starting point is that: Reading, Speaking and chat of the times, it is individual behavior: behind closed doors reading. In the imagination which is with elegance behavior. At the time of writing, and their dialogue, and strive to perfect works; readers when they read, and their dialogue will want to express the meaning of the work to think, more importantly, readers and authors with an unspeakable dialogue. These are introspective, prominent individuals, easy birth of individualism complex.

To the digital age, reading has become increasingly unlike the behavior of individuals. If the collection it belongs to introspection, sharing completely different. Share “collective”, but also full of show ingredients: Look, I see the things that are such. On my personal observation, experience, a lot of sharing in fact did not even mind reading thing I read long articles they share. Note that they are not in the sharing of experience, but after reading material.

Sharing behavior, to a large extent, has become a “game” – Tracy Nigel (indesign to flipbook converter) in her game to change the world, “a book, excellent game has a feedback system. Read this introspective thing was the lack of feedback, external hard to give you any stimulus to continue to encourage you to read. Share, there is a feedback, for example, to share this calls out. This feedback is to speed up the power of the people to share – note, not reading power. You come to me under the reading has not completely individualistic behavior, from the order to a small circle of collectivist behavior.

Mobile reading in the use of fragmented time, in turn, fragmented time can’t make you a very in-depth reading, not to mention quite a lot of reading in a noisy environment (such as subway), it lacks introspection context. Are read, but mobile reading is obviously further track approach.

Can we read in depth in mobile Era?

Amazon will launch Kindle TV set-top Boxes

Amazon finally launched a TV set-top box scheme – Kindle TV, and is expected that this device will be launched in the fall. The project consists of Amazon’s “126 laboratory research and development, the price of the product range is not known, but according to Boxee Roku. The competitors are $ 99 set-top box pricing, Amazon Kindle TV set-top box (pdf to flip page software) price should not vary greatly.


This means that the living room added fairly weighty players in the battle. Living room dominance from the original hardware manufacturers transferred to the content provider of resources, and in this respect, Amazon content resources than Google, Apple advantage. Launch its own hardware in the TV market will further control of dominance in the living room war.


Microsoft will be opened on May 21 next-generation Xbox products

Code Durango Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox has been the audience people look forward to, and even a lot of information has been leaked before. Microsoft has media release invitations, that will be held on May 21 in the the Xbox campus opened its so-called “new era”.


ITunes 10th Anniversary, Apple launched iTunes “10-page”

iTunes until now has been the tenth anniversary of this creative visionary at the time, created the the Apple Online resources ecological Empire. To celebrate, Apple launched the iTunes decade milestone page, and a list of some important events for users to review historical development.


Tumblr iOS App Updated support for Twitter, Facebook, the Read more Share it later

Tumblr 1 iOS version of the client update, the new version adds more social networking support, including Twitter, Facebook, as well as third-party clients like Tweetbot. Nokia will launch in Asia Asha 210 color full keyboard machine, BlackBerry Q10 will visit the North American market next week


Announced sales of 162 million Nokia 1050 features Nokia (page flipping book) in China, announced that it will launch in the second quarter Asha 210 color full keyboard machine, the machine priced at $ 445, 2.4-inch screen, a single card standby 42 days, dual card 24 days . Asha 210 also supports the Whatsapp shortcuts button. BlackBerry after two or three months before the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 will be held May 1 in Canada on sale, and landed at the end of the United States, two-year contract price of $ 249, $ 199 contract price than the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 $ 50 more expensive, bare metal price of about $ 549. But BlackBerry is not subject to the North American market to be see more users expect, on the contrary elsewhere in the world, compared to the Z10 was not successful sales, may be high-priced Q10 still can’t let the BlackBerry to return to the mainstream smart phone market. 

WhatsApp has surpassed Twitter

In the recent AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile General Assembly, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum WhatsApp monthly active users than Twitter, although he did not specify the exact figures, but it is certainly more than 200 million.


Koum also pointed out that WhatsApp (flipping book) is currently sent an average of more than 8 billion. In accordance with the company are less than 50 engineers, each employee active users than any other active technology company.


Twitter pointed out that in December last year, the monthly number of active users exceeded 200 million, WhatsApp in January this year that its daily letter reached 7 billion. Although the comparison between the two is a bit far-fetched, but the most recent period, there is evidence that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (digital magazine software) are slowly losing its young users of all ages, these users are turning to a new platform similar to WhatsApp.


Koum mentioned that, although they have recently started to charge users a fee of $ 0.99 / yr, but no decline in the number of users. This means that now WhatsApp user growth, user activity and revenue have a better combination.


Koum Finally, WhatsApp does not accept any offer, because he is no reason to do so.

How does Financial Times achieve Web App Offline Function?

More recently, in Orlando FL, Andrew Betts to share them in the Financial Times on the offline function design principles:

1. Rely on various forms of storage in all kinds of data on the client: Cookies, localStorage, IndexedDB, AppCache and Files API, and each local storage solutions are independent of each other. Try to reduce make the saved content clear such as Javascript, CSS and HTML. As long as it is able to support a Web App startup enough behind to complete work to the AJAX and eval, save them in localStorage (flippingbook).

2. Download the latest articles from the subscription list (using JSON format), when the entire content downloaded successfully, clear the database of existing content, and then calls the latest download articles stored in the database. Finally, using jQuery call a template to display the title of the article in the subscription list.

3. Whenever the update of the list of articles, each entry will be re-downloaded, it can be part of the content is stored in the browser cache, can quickly fill AppCache. At the same time can use the JavaScript API monitor AppCache available space and fine specify what needs to be re-downloaded.

4. Completely separated the App main function module and the Web page, for example, flip forward and backward functionality. In this way, the application starts only need to load these modules based on the contents of the cache line. Those who require frequent use of the cache must be saved in localStorage.

5. Mozilla proposed change AppCache format JSON and load it via the network control, while Google is developing a completely new API in JavaScript to create a navigation controller, this controller set the priority of different cache loaded, you You can also custom in which the cache loaded Rules.

6. IE and FireFox managed in different ways AppCache (pdf to flip), need to be considered in the design of these differences.

7. Different browsers are very different from the size of the cache, we must ensure that the article form enough space for App save articles for offline reading.

8. JavaScript uses UTF-16 encoding, each character occupies two bytes, ASCII code (each character occupies one byte) transformation, will be able to save double the space.

Firefox OS devices will support new payment mechanisms

Mozilla is currently developing a new JavaScript API, and Firefox OS operating system for the first time, which makes the user on network is very convenient to buy digital products and services.


It is reported that there are two ways to pay either by credit card or the amount spent by each month to pay for a bill. In a blog post, said the Firefox OS engineers Kumar McMillan (online book publishing software), The Mozilla API, that navigator.mozPay(), based on the Google Wallet API, but paid for more than The provider has been improved, in particular, added a lot of features for a monthly payment mode. When a mobile application calling this API, a very simple window pops up on the screen, users can password authentication security above so as to complete the payment process.


Mozilla is sparing no effort to pay the operators have to promote this mechanism, in good condition in the current point of view. With this API, Mozilla can bring more benefits to the user, the user can also control more firmly. For example, it is possible in the near future and we will be through this API in Mozilla’s own application store to purchase applications.


Mozilla wants to carry out another business need to be paid, but no ad network content. McMillan pointed out that the charges will become another profit model of the mobile application content. But past history, this charging system on the entire Internet is not ideal, so Mozilla wants a better service platform launched their own. If you can improve the speed and security of small transactions, is bound to increase the likelihood of users to pay for content. Users to pay for content in the past enthusiasm is not high, but now is the era of the mobile Internet, the situation is likely to change, to know that mobile devices can bring advertising revenue to content providers far computer multi- . McMillan said, “The Internet should support all business models, while the pay-business Internet should become one of the most important features.


McMillan stressed Mozilla the new API is in the pilot phase, substantial revisions in the future, will be formally launched in the first Firefox OS devices (flip page software). He also said, Mozilla hopes to be able to PaySwarm philosophy into come in, which may need a multi-party cooperation in order to establish a new payment standard. During this time, Mozilla is bound to the desktop version and the Android version of Firefox browser fully committed to the promotion of own network payment API. 

The advantage and disadvantage of Google Communication Application

The industry believes that, in the short term, Google to integrate its various communications services move will undoubtedly beneficial. But in the long run, this approach Google is not necessarily to the user benefits.


Google the technical development of the various types of communications services, in fact, is based on technology called “XMPP” agreement (also known as “Jabber”). Own users and other services due to a number of Internet service providers isolate causes Google recently started to stop the Jabber flow from non-Google servers. American non-profit organization “Free Software Foundation” (FSF) expressed: “the Google this approach, like Google no longer accept Gmail messages from non-Google domain address.


FSF believes that Google aim seems to be: the block from some Jabber server may spread spam. Although Google (online magazine software) is not a bad starting point, but its specific approach was a bit “extreme.” The FSF wrote on its website: “for the spam problem encountered by Google, we express our sympathy. Fact matters combat spam, we FSF also spend a lot of manpower and resources, but we deal with such problems process , but it can’t stop the legitimate channels of communication, in particular, can’t be used, such as strengthening Google means to control network capacity.


Google may stop XMPP traffic sufficient reason, but it will also bring the problem of user trust in all types of communication services (freeware to make online flip book) on Google. Google canceled or no longer support some services take into account, such as to cancel Google Reader no longer support Microsoft ActiveSync service, which showed that, although many users are willing to use these services, but Google does not consider the user’s actual needs and feelings.


Google’s integrated applications will eventually use the name is unclear. “Babel” (Babel) has become a well-known to the public the terms, such as film and Android applications have appeared, but the name may be more appropriate than “Babble”. Judging from the specific means, “Babel” was Google’s Internet telephony (VoIP), instant messaging and video calls and other services to integrate into a single service them.


Only this new application whether Google will eventually use may be the name of the user in deciding before using the service, should seriously consider the job.

Line rely on electricity to promote profits

NHN Japan developed the Line mobile program (page flipping book) has 100 million users, close to Facebook’s three times the speed of its development, it is expected that e-commerce services will stimulate revenue.

The Line communications applications including cartoon characters, stickers and other products, Line also provide some other products through the “secret sales” services to the application user. Line about 38% of the users is from Japan, NHN is preparing to expand overseas to seek growth. It has established a U.S. marketing team.

Akira Morikawa, the earnings than Line imperative. He said: “If we just think about the profits the first place, we will stop the evolution, began to lose their customers.”

Line, a division of the Korean search engine operator NHN, Jay Park, an analyst at Samsung Securities, pointed out that this year, it spent $ 223 million marketing program, more than doubled last year. NHN no set official target, but this month, chief marketing officer, said Jun Masuda Line’s goal is to grow to up to 10 million users.

NHN Japan does not disclose profits or sales. The parent company NHN Corporation, Korea’s largest search engine, since June 1, 2011, an increase of 42% in its share price fell by 9% in the same period in the Korea Composite Stock Price Index.

The Line already covered Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users (pdf to flip book creator), as well as PC users. In 41 countries, Line program free download first.

March 9, Line users reached 120 million, 45 million of them from Japan, Taiwan and Thailand each have 15 million and it did not disclose the number of users in other markets. Line was launched in June 2011, 19 months, 100 million users, Twitter spent 49 months users reached 100 million, Facebook took 54 months.