How to Use Online Brochures Maker to Grow Business?

Since the technology is developing rapidly, digital publishing and digital reading become hot trends in recent years. What’s more, more and more businesses start to use digital publication to attract and communicate with customers.

On one hand, digital publication is low cost than print publication; on the other hand, online digital publication can be distributed all over the world in a quick time. Here we are going take online brochure maker for example to show you how to grow business with online brochure maker FlipHTML5.

Beautify Website Design
Embedding online brochure into website is a smart way to beautify website design. Firstly, it makes your website vivid. Then it helps present your content in a stylish way and deliver message in an acceptable way. Finally, with the help of page turning online brochure, your website traffic will increase and business grow.
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Reach Online Audiences
Without a doubt, social media is powerful platform for communication and share. Then why don’t share online brochure to social networking and make it reach more online audiences. And then try to communicate with your online audiences, know more about their thought and needs. According to the feedback you get, you can make more attractive content for your online brochure and grow the business finally. Learn more about FlipHTML5:

Distribute Anywhere and Anytime
Compared with printable publications, digital publication can be distributed all over the world in a short time. FlipHTML5 provides online and offline distribution options for users. For offline distribution, you can publish online brochure as HTML, Zip, Exe, plug-in and more formats for reading and storing offline.

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Besides, due to online brochure is HTML5 based, it means the digital brochure can be viewed on mobile devices smoothly. It can be viewed anywhere and anytime. And it will help you get more opportunities for business.

Online Pamphlet Maker Will Help Bump up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

No matter what kind of business you are running, digital marketing strategy is important. It will help you reach more digital audiences, build deep connection with customers and encourage consumption. All we know that digital marketing strategy is necessary, but not all us know how to make successful marketing strategies.

Just like many article told us that we should have compelling content, email marketing, social media marketing and real-time analytics and measurement. Then is there a useful tool to help us take those elements into consideration and save time to make a successful digital marketing strategy? Did you try to make digital publication to bump up your digital marketing strategy? It is well known that pamphlet is one of the cheap and effective ways to promote your product and brand. But print pamphlet can’t be modified and tracked in real time.

According to some case studies, a powerful and suitable online pamphlet maker can help you bump up your digital marketing strategy. Flip HTML5 is one of them. Now the question is how online pamphlet maker Flip HTML5 can help your business grow. Now let’s check out what Flip HTML5 can do.

Create Compelling Content

As many marketer will emphasize content is really important for digital marketing strategy. Useful and interesting can make users be interested in your product and business. And now visual content is the new trend of 2015 then creating multimedia contents will help a lot. Flip HTML5 allows users to add multimedia contents such as image, video, flash, buy link and more on online pamphlet to attract more attention.


Email Marketing

It seems that email marketing is old-fashion style. And the truth is email share and email marketing is one of the most useful and convenient way to expand reach and get your customers. Email sharing is a pieces cake for Flip HTML5. No matter online or desktop version you are using, you are able to email share your online pamphlet with several clicks.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is a necessary part for digital marketing strategy especially in 2015. Social media is convenient way for you to get closer and know better about your readers. Anyway, online pamphlet maker Flip HTML5 offers easy way for you to share your online pamphlet to social networking. Additionally, integrate Google Analytics ID into your online pamphlet can help you have deep insight about users’ behavior.


Top 3 Flipbook Makers to Help Beat your Competitors

Flipbook is becoming more and more popular among developer and designer. Thanks to flipbook technology, it can transform any digital page content into a wonderful document where the pages turn on touch screen and engage readers through an attractive solution. As we know that there are lots of benefits of creating flipbooks such as huge savings, high impact and incredible interactivity. Then in the post, we will introduce you top 3 flipbook makers to increase you sales and beat your competitors.


With PUB HTML5, you can create wonderful flipbook with appealing interface to attract more traffic for boosting your business. What’s more, PUB HTML5 provides a solution for users to create interactive contents to engage your customers. In addition, you can share page flipbook to social networking, embed into website and share via email.


Then not only can you share and embed page flipbook online, but also can you distribute it offline. For example, you can read flipbook offline as publishing as HTML format; publish as exe, zip and burn to CD to store and share quickly; upload to FTP directly and publish as plug-in for embedding easily.

3D Page Flip Professional

3D Page Flip Professional is amazing html5 digital catalog software to create inspiring digital product catalog. Anyway, it also is page flip software for converting PDF into page turning flipbook. 3D Page Flip Professional is an ideal page flip creator for users to create flipbook. First of all, it can help you display objects or products in 360 degrees. What’s more, you are able to adjust the angle of flipbook with ease.

html5 digital magazine software pub html5

eFlip Professional

eFlip Professional is page flip software to convert PDF into flash-based flipbook in minutes. With eFlip Professional, you can build a bookcase to display your online digital flipbook and share your bookcase easily. Besides, you can create Android mobile app in minutes in order to read flipbook easier. What’s more important, it allows you to customize themes for your flipbook, you can save the current setting as theme for future use.


5 Tools for Transforming PDFs into Stylish page flip Publications

Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most stable to store and save. Anyway, because of the stable and work cross-platform, people prefer to create magazine, brochure, catalog, reports and so on as PDF format. As we know that PDF format file can keep the original content style when you open it anywhere and anytime. Then sometimes, we may need an impressive and wonderful way to show our PDF file in order to attract audience and make them continue reading. How about transforming PDFs into stylish page flip publications? In the article, you will see a list of great tools for converting PDF to digital publication with ease.


If you are looking for a HTML5 FlipBook Converter, then you have to try PUB HTML5. With PUB HTML5, not only can you convert PDF to page turning digital publication with simple steps but also can customize looks and feel functionally. PUB HTML5 is free to use. And it provides a super easy way to create digital catalog by inserting images, product name and description with ease. What’s more, you can create a vivid presentation with PUB HTML5 for your annual report and displaying your product and service.


Flip PDF Professional

Flip PDF Professional is free digital publication software to make realistic digital publication from PDF and images with ease. There are multiple templates and online templates for users to customize the appearance of page flip book. In addition, you can add password for your page turning publication to protect the file simply.


Flip HTML5

It is easy to convert PDF to html5 flipping digital publication such as digital magazine, digital catalog, digital brochure and digital books. Anyway, Flip HTML5 provides text version of flip book and create multiple SEO profile by customize title, description and keyword to make SEO friendly.



YouPublisher is a free flipbook converter. What you need to do is to upload your PDF and customize the book information. And then YouPublish will do the rest for you. After that, you can add link to your website directly.


PDF to Flash Magazine (

With PDF to Flash Magazine, not only can users create digital publication with page flipping effect freely but also can publish digital publication online and offline with simple steps. Furthermore, PDF to Flash Magazine offers diverse style scenes to make flip book vivid. By the way, user can customize the theme by changing background images and tool bar settings in minutes.


The Ultimate Guide to Publishing your eBook with Page Flip Effect

We can’t deny that digital publications plays important role in modern market strategy. Then do you have powerful page flip software to publish your eBook? Do you know how to create an impressive eBook in simple steps? Then in the article, we will take PUB HTML5 for example to show you ultimate guide to publishing page flip book in minutes.


PUB HTML5 is page flip software for creating awesome digital publication e-magazine, e-book, e-brochure and e-catalog with realistic page flipping effect. With PUB HTML5, for one thing, you are able to convert PDF to online digital publication directly or enrich by desktop version and publish it online or offline; for another, the digital publications can be shared to network, embed into website and email to someone easily. Here we will show you ultimate guide of desktop version of PUB HTML5.


Import and Customize

PUB HTML5 ( provides a easy way for users to import PDF file to flipbook. And then it enables you to customize page ranges, page quality and size, render engine and language of imported PDF file. By the way, you can batch convert multiple PDFs to flipbook with PUB HTML5 as well.


Customize Layout Settings

And then it is time to define the flipbook layout. You are able to change layout design and background by customizing templates and themes settings. In addition, change tool bar color, font, icon and function by custom settings. Furthermore, the book language can be modified as well.


Multimedia and Animation Settings

Next let’s move to insert multimedia and animation content into flip page with PUB HTML5. Edit page allows users to insert multimedia content such as video, audio, images and link with ease. And then animation editor enables users to insert multimedia content with animated effect. What’s more, you can customize the inserted objects animation time line and start and end animation with ease.


Publish Digital Publication

Then it is the final step. Method one is to upload flipbook online to our server and then you can copy online link, share, embed and email directly. Method two is to publish the wonderful digital publication as the format such as HTML, Zip, Exe and save as Plug-in and more then upload it to your website or read offline.


5+ Most Popular Responsive JavaScript flipbook Plugins

Are you looking for useful page flip software to make JavaScript flipbook plugins? Responsive JavaScript flipbook plugin, for one thing, it can help you to beautify website in a simple way; for another, it is responsive enough to view on mobile devices smoothly and clearly as well. Now in the article, there is a list of 5 most popular responsive JavaScript FlipBook plugins for your reference.


PUB HTML5 is easy-to-use page flip software to create gorgeous digital publications with page flip effect from PDF, MS Office and images. PUB HTML5 provides two versions (online and desktop version) for users to create fabulous html5 flipping book. No matter what digital publications you want to make, edit page and animation editor of PUB HTML5 can help you enrich the content of page flipbook with ease. What’s more, you can publish the media-rich flipbook as JavaScript FlipBook Plugin and embed into website and blog with ease.

Flip PDF Professional
Flip PDF Professional is a powerful flip book maker to make beautiful digital magazine, catalog, brochure and more. On one hand, Flip PDF Professional provides multiple beautiful templates and themes to decorate flip book; on the other hand, it can make your page flip book speak by using assistant function. Anyway, you can publish it as plugin simply.


Flip HTML5
Flip HTML5 ( is one of the most popular responsive JavaScript flipbook plugins in the market. The powerful online platform attracts visitors. The digital publication powered by Flip HTML5 can be shared to social networks easily and email to friends conveniently.


The plugin is used for creating booklet-like components with flip page effect. BookBlock allows users to sue text and images.


Turn.js is a useful flip book creator to make a flip book with HTML5 and works one most browsers and devices. Anyway, it is simple and clean API


Distribute your Annual Report as a Page Flip Book on Mobile Devices and Desktop

Do you know what annual report is? An annual report is a comprehensive report of a company about activities throughout the preceding year. Most business annual report contains the following sections: Letter from CEO, overview of company’s product and services, management analysis, financial statements and so on. Do you why create an annual report? That’s because the process of preparing an annual report is a good way to take a step back and look at the overall practical and financial health of your business.

Distribute your Annual Report as a Page Flip Book

Create Page Flip Annual Report

Want to create an impressive and wonderful annual report? Why don’t you have a try Flip PDF Professional? Flip PDF Pro is digital report software for creating page flip report for business like page flip annual report. That’s simple to convert PDF to page flip annual report, and then you are able to enrich by wonderful templates, fully customizable functions and flexible distributions.

Distribute Page Flip Annual Report

Digital Page Flip annual report powered by Flip PDF Professional can be read on desktop and mobile devices. You are able to view the annual report anywhere and anytime. Then how to read the annual report smoothly and clearly on mobile devices? What you need to do is to upload it online via Flip PDF Pro, FTP of your website and Dropbox. And then open your browser and enter the online link, then your page flip annual report will show exactly.


Anyway for many non-profits and charities, annual report is an opportunity for full financial transparency and it can help thank those people who enable you to fulfill your mission; for associations, clubs and others, it is an effective way to thank or acknowledging the work of members, volunteers and sponsors. However, just go and have a try Flip PDF Professional to create a stunning page flip annual report for your business.

Take the Advantage of Digital Publishing Tool into Content Marketing Tactic for 2014

We can’t deny that digital publication is becoming more and more popular than print in recent days. And there are more and more publisher and business are starting to pay more attention to the digital market to reach more audience and make big sales. Anyway, some online magazine has seen massive increases in online market exactly. For example, the online subscriber of Vogue Magazine has increased by 463% in the last year.

Take the Advantage of Digital Publishing Tool into Content Marketing Tactic for 2014

That’s an obvious sign of an upward trend. What’s more, according Pew research, it shows that news reading is popular among tablet and smartphone users. In this case, we can find that mobile devices are a powerful platform to promote your business. Then making content marketing strategy contains online digital publication seems really important nowadays. In the article, we will talk about the benefit that you can integrate tablet brochure for mobile marketing and SEO branding brochure into your content marketing strategy.

1. Entertaining your Customer

Online publication can be a kind of entertainment for customer while they are boring with their tablets. It is true digital publication powered by Flip PDF Professional can provides users wonderful reading experience with page flipping effect.

2. Customer Analytics

With Flip PDF Professional, you are able to insert Google Analytics ID before you publishing the digital publications. And then you are able to track the users’ behavior and know more about your target audience. After that you can start to adjust your content marketing strategy.

3. SEO

The more information you show online, the more important the ability relevant contents becomes. Optimizing your website and content for search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can help you increase the rank and exposure of your business. Anyway, using the latest web technologies such as HTML5 will help you provides more wonderful experience to your users so that they can share and read your digital publication anywhere and anytime.

Logiciels d’animation Flipbook permettant aux utilisateurs d’ajouter vidéo et SWF

Les utilisateurs de Flip PDF ont maintenant plus de fonctions d’édition multimédia afin d’ajouter des vidéos YouTube et SWF à leur page flipping e-books.De nombreux utilisateurs ont exprimé leur besoin pour fonctions multimédias supplémentaires dans leurs publications.La société annonce qu’elle a introduit ces fonctions populaires, qui sont maintenant disponibles sur l’interface du logiciel afin que les utilisateurs puissent modifier leurs flipbooks comme ils le souhaitent.


Le haut-flip Page Editor inclut les contrôles nécessaires pour ajouter les vidéos YouTube et SWF. Ajoutant ces fonctionnalités est facile, bien que les objets multimédias ont tendance à prendre beaucoup de temps à charger sur l’ordinateur du lecteur. Il est donc important que les auteurs considèrent un équilibre entre le contenu du livre et le temps de chargement. Cela rend la lecture beaucoup plus pratique pour les gens, surtout si ils n’ont pas à attendre.


Les utilisateurs peuvent ajouter des vidéos partout sur les pages. Pour ajouter une vidéo YouTube, tout ce qu’ils ont besoin est l’URL de la vidéo à intégrer sur la page. Il est également possible d’ajuster la taille du lecteur. Les vidéos peuvent également être visualisées à partir du logiciel, afin que les utilisateurs disposent d’un outil précis et pratique pour optimiser la qualité de chaque page dans le flipbook interactif .


Les fichiers SWF peuvent également être ajoutés à n’importe quelle partie d’une page. Les utilisateurs peuvent définir la taille de l’animation SWF avec les contrôlesdes logiciels de flip book .Ils devraient également importer des fichiers SWF à partir d’un chemin d’accès local pour avoir les meilleurs des résultats. Avec les fonctions d’édition multimédia, ajouter des vidéos YouTube et animations SWF flipbooks n’a jamais été aussi facile. Les utilisateurs peuvent également créer des e-livres le plus unique possible et optimiser le contenu au mieux de leurs capacités.


Les gens peuvent aussi être extrêmement créatifs dans le développement de leurs flipbooks.Les nouvelles fonctions de leur permettre de faire pleinement usage de la 3D PageFlip professionnelle et intègrent un excellent contenu. Pour plus d’informations sur ce sujet et d’autres fonctionnalités du logiciel, allez à la page du produit à .


À propos de Flip PDF, Ltd


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