Adobe new released ActionScrip OAuth 2.0

Adobe has released an ActionScript OAuth 2.0 library and created as Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe innovative cloud platform) part.


This is an ActionScript 3 library for OAuth 2.0 service application connection. The library is based on the OAuth 2.0 specification (v2.15), and therefore compatible with any other OAuth 2.0 platforms like Facebook, Google APIs, Twitter, APIs, and other services.

OAuth is an open standard which allows users third-party applications to access the private resources (such as photos, video, contacts list) stored by the user in a website, without user name and password provided to third-party applications. OAuth 2.0 is the next version of the OAuth protocol and it focused on client developer easy specialized certification process as well as Web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications. Now Baidu open platform, most of the open platform Tencent open platform OAuth 2.0 protocol is used as a support, the Facebook Graph API support OAuth 2.0, Google has also announced last year that Google API support OAuth 2.0.

The library source code is hosted on Github, based on Apache 2.0 license agreement. At the same time, the development team called for developers to fork the project, in order to promote the development of the project.

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