Five excited Java projects

Each Java / JVM (pdf to flash magazine) field technical experts should benefit from those projects in 2011 in SanJose organized Jax conference in nomination for the award of the best technology products. I chose them because they can be widely used in a series of projects to solve real problems. As developers, we also have in the daily discussion of these and then we quickly take a look at exactly what worth exciting project.

1, Neo4j graph database
Neo4j is a high-performance graphics engine, which has all the features of the mature database. Programmers take advantage of the object-oriented, flexible network structure rather than a strict static table operation, but they can fully enjoy all of the benefits that have fully transactional characteristics of enterprise-class database. For many applications, Neo4j compared to the relational database performance upgrade 1,000 times the corresponding plug-in support, while Spring and other frameworks.

2, JRebel do not need to re-deploy
JRebel is a small JVM plug-in(pdf to page flip), which enables Java programmers do not need to re-deploy case instantly see the results after the code change. JRebel at a point in time so you individually updated version of the management class files and resources to replace the block application deployment, when developers any changes to the classes and resources in the IDE, the change can be immediately reflected in the world deployed applications. From the building to the redeployment period of time spent annually save about 5.25 weeks.

3, Gradle build a better tool
Gradle fully absorb the advantages of Maven and Ant. The Gradle site said: “engineering automation is a necessary condition for the success of software projects, and it should be to implement a simple, easy-to-use, fun building there is no cookie-cutter approach, and so impose no rigid in our Gradle, though you may think to find and describe your approach is very important, however Gradle how to describe it has a very good support.

4, Akka easier scalability, fault tolerance, concurrency, remote call Actor model application
Concurrent write reliable, fault-tolerant, scalable applications is simply too difficult, often because of the tools we use to unreasonable and wrong level of abstraction, Akka It is used to solve these problems. Actor model and STM (software transactional memory) to improve the level of abstraction, the Actor provides a better platform to build reliable concurrent and scalable applications, fault tolerance to take any of its collapse, to accept the failure of the model (Let it crash / Embrace failure ), it has been successfully used in the telecommunications industry.

5, Rails framework Ruby, Groovy Grails, Java with Play now! Play is a pure Java framework, so you can continue to use your favorite development tools and libraries. If you are already using Java as a development platform, as do not need to switch to another language, another IDE and library files, all you have to do is just to switch to a more efficient Java environment.


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