Is Chromebook Pixel good and friendly to use?

Chromebook Pixel release day for Google is a big day, this independent research and development of Chrome OS device must not only ultra-clear display is so simple and it shows the Google Chrome OS future confidence and vision. For large PC industry, Chromebook Pixel (flipbook digital publishing software) but callow younger; For Google, it is the hope for the future; For users, Chromebook Pixel adequacy friendly and practical it?

Design terms, Apple’s MacBook Pro has been refined aluminum body work is admired by become top notebook model. Try the field of high-end machine for the first time, Google with Pixel prove itself a strong design and manufacturing capabilities.

Pixel display resolution of 2560 x 1700 12.5-inch IPS LCD screen, the pixel density of 239ppi, more than the Apple RMBP. It is worth mentioning that the Pixel display ratio is 3:2, 16:9, compared to the current popular high Google claims that this design is more suitable for web browsing.

Chrome OS in the visual effects on this screen is very good, but unfortunately a lot of Google Web application failed to take full advantage of such a high resolution, a lot of blank. Google preloaded with some the 4K video samples, or allow users to experience ultra-high resolution shock.

Few years to Chrome OS system development, but the software on this platform compared to other operating systems or a lot less. Pixel in Google preloaded with Evernote, Simplenote, Wunderlist, Gmail, Google Docs, Office 365, Rdio and TweetDeck software, basically meet the daily needs of the people, and even a built-in picture editor is also very easy to use.

Strengths, the overall design of the Pixel is indeed laudable, the keyboard and touchpad layout configuration is reasonable, very pleasant typing experience. At the same time, the screen resolution for this equipment is very alarming, the effect is to forget.

As a high-end device, Pixel endurance really flattered by Chrome OS (indesign to flipbook converter) still has limitations in function and has a lot of inconvenience. Pixel also contrary the Chromebook product has always been low-price trend, developed a more expensive price, it is prohibitive for many consumers.

To some extent, Chromebook Pixel is a lot like Nexus Q: powerful hardware configuration, but the functionality is limited and the price is higher. In many Windows 8 ultra-extreme surging out, MacBook still quite the market today, Pixel fear is hard to blaze a new trail.


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