New and Attractive Fitness Application Moves

There is a growing focus on health, and the associated applications are endless. , ProtoGeo launched new free health applications Moves (brochure flipbook maker), it can make iPhone become movement wristband which is similar to the Nike FuelBand, FitBit and Jawbone UP fitness equipment and collect sports mileage statistics users

Moves automatically run in the background of your phone, the iPhone built-in acceleration meter to track users walking, driving, such as running and cycling in addition Moves can also be used to track how many steps users every day. Although Moves to run in the background and uses the GPS feature, but it will not have the battery life to cause significant impact.

Moves interface is very simple and elegant, only the user is presented with all the necessary information, without any extra content. Moves to use different color bubble identify the user activities, have events shaft (storyline) “function can be convenient for the user to analyze their own daily activities.

Moves to run, it will record the user’s movement history of sliding around on the interface with your fingers, you can view any date movement Moves the top of the screen will display the date and at the bottom is the area of the incident axis, any time, click on the button in the lower left corner you can go back to the current date. Abstract bubbles in the middle of the screen by default will show the user how many steps away or of kilometers had run.

Moves specific event axis function can record a day trip, and are marked with different colors (green represents walking, blue representatives cycling, purple representatives treadmill). Moves will show thumbnails for each location, click, you can get more accurate positioning, users can also customize the name of each location. In addition, users can also own daily summary of the trip via email, Twitter, Facebook (flipbook creator) and others to share, and can be connected with the camera for printing.



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