The international Ambitions of Line

Line Korea the Naver Corp developed an application and its users is growing rapidly, and has more than 100 million users since its launch in the summer of 2011. Line is generally considered to be the communications program, like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, because it offers free calls and text messages. But actually Line target is close to the social network. In other words, Line pursuit is no longer obsessed with the old Facebook user, and also the pursuit of those who use Skype call (pdf to flipbook).

Earlier this year, Line into the U.S. market in Asia, it has accumulated a preliminary user; it is especially popular in Japan, nearly 50 million users. Naver American CEO Jeanie Han, Line between basic mobile information and social networking opportunities.

Not just information

Jeanie Han pointed out: “I feel some social media too open a little tired in the United States, although we have some strong competitors, but Line service can fill vacancies, it has not been filled.”

“Line is not just an information program it is a bit like social media, but not too open, it is enough to allow users to feel comfortable, you can pick and choose the way to communicate with friends and family, you can control it completely, there is no need to worry about last night photos taken today, the world will know.”

“It is not just the text message, you can communicate through an interesting form, do not have to worry about identity sharing, disclosure, sale, and it will not be too open Line where the selling point in the United States, it is now time point just because we feel that this vacancies need to be filled. ”

If the Line is a young rising star that Facebook is undoubtedly huge predecessors. However, the focus of Line in mobile information platform, a social network to gain momentum (and Facebook’s evolution is completely opposite) in Asia, this model proved to be successful. Jenny • Han said she was optimistic about the U.S. market, she said: “Acceptance good our users in the United States is not big enough, but has to take the first step, Line is really a platform, it can make life more interesting, It is not just a simple application.

In order to become a platform, Line has covered multiple mobile platforms, WEB program launched for PC, Mac and tablet (desktop publishing software). Take a look at its communications portfolio, the Line experience where you can find a happy testament, it is not only free products also provide fee program download. Download key revenue stream for the company, the company also did not disclose revenue figures.



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