Line rely on electricity to promote profits

NHN Japan developed the Line mobile program (page flipping book) has 100 million users, close to Facebook’s three times the speed of its development, it is expected that e-commerce services will stimulate revenue.

The Line communications applications including cartoon characters, stickers and other products, Line also provide some other products through the “secret sales” services to the application user. Line about 38% of the users is from Japan, NHN is preparing to expand overseas to seek growth. It has established a U.S. marketing team.

Akira Morikawa, the earnings than Line imperative. He said: “If we just think about the profits the first place, we will stop the evolution, began to lose their customers.”

Line, a division of the Korean search engine operator NHN, Jay Park, an analyst at Samsung Securities, pointed out that this year, it spent $ 223 million marketing program, more than doubled last year. NHN no set official target, but this month, chief marketing officer, said Jun Masuda Line’s goal is to grow to up to 10 million users.

NHN Japan does not disclose profits or sales. The parent company NHN Corporation, Korea’s largest search engine, since June 1, 2011, an increase of 42% in its share price fell by 9% in the same period in the Korea Composite Stock Price Index.

The Line already covered Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users (pdf to flip book creator), as well as PC users. In 41 countries, Line program free download first.

March 9, Line users reached 120 million, 45 million of them from Japan, Taiwan and Thailand each have 15 million and it did not disclose the number of users in other markets. Line was launched in June 2011, 19 months, 100 million users, Twitter spent 49 months users reached 100 million, Facebook took 54 months.



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