The advantage and disadvantage of Google Communication Application

The industry believes that, in the short term, Google to integrate its various communications services move will undoubtedly beneficial. But in the long run, this approach Google is not necessarily to the user benefits.


Google the technical development of the various types of communications services, in fact, is based on technology called “XMPP” agreement (also known as “Jabber”). Own users and other services due to a number of Internet service providers isolate causes Google recently started to stop the Jabber flow from non-Google servers. American non-profit organization “Free Software Foundation” (FSF) expressed: “the Google this approach, like Google no longer accept Gmail messages from non-Google domain address.


FSF believes that Google aim seems to be: the block from some Jabber server may spread spam. Although Google (online magazine software) is not a bad starting point, but its specific approach was a bit “extreme.” The FSF wrote on its website: “for the spam problem encountered by Google, we express our sympathy. Fact matters combat spam, we FSF also spend a lot of manpower and resources, but we deal with such problems process , but it can’t stop the legitimate channels of communication, in particular, can’t be used, such as strengthening Google means to control network capacity.


Google may stop XMPP traffic sufficient reason, but it will also bring the problem of user trust in all types of communication services (freeware to make online flip book) on Google. Google canceled or no longer support some services take into account, such as to cancel Google Reader no longer support Microsoft ActiveSync service, which showed that, although many users are willing to use these services, but Google does not consider the user’s actual needs and feelings.


Google’s integrated applications will eventually use the name is unclear. “Babel” (Babel) has become a well-known to the public the terms, such as film and Android applications have appeared, but the name may be more appropriate than “Babble”. Judging from the specific means, “Babel” was Google’s Internet telephony (VoIP), instant messaging and video calls and other services to integrate into a single service them.


Only this new application whether Google will eventually use may be the name of the user in deciding before using the service, should seriously consider the job.


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