Firefox OS devices will support new payment mechanisms

Mozilla is currently developing a new JavaScript API, and Firefox OS operating system for the first time, which makes the user on network is very convenient to buy digital products and services.


It is reported that there are two ways to pay either by credit card or the amount spent by each month to pay for a bill. In a blog post, said the Firefox OS engineers Kumar McMillan (online book publishing software), The Mozilla API, that navigator.mozPay(), based on the Google Wallet API, but paid for more than The provider has been improved, in particular, added a lot of features for a monthly payment mode. When a mobile application calling this API, a very simple window pops up on the screen, users can password authentication security above so as to complete the payment process.


Mozilla is sparing no effort to pay the operators have to promote this mechanism, in good condition in the current point of view. With this API, Mozilla can bring more benefits to the user, the user can also control more firmly. For example, it is possible in the near future and we will be through this API in Mozilla’s own application store to purchase applications.


Mozilla wants to carry out another business need to be paid, but no ad network content. McMillan pointed out that the charges will become another profit model of the mobile application content. But past history, this charging system on the entire Internet is not ideal, so Mozilla wants a better service platform launched their own. If you can improve the speed and security of small transactions, is bound to increase the likelihood of users to pay for content. Users to pay for content in the past enthusiasm is not high, but now is the era of the mobile Internet, the situation is likely to change, to know that mobile devices can bring advertising revenue to content providers far computer multi- . McMillan said, “The Internet should support all business models, while the pay-business Internet should become one of the most important features.


McMillan stressed Mozilla the new API is in the pilot phase, substantial revisions in the future, will be formally launched in the first Firefox OS devices (flip page software). He also said, Mozilla hopes to be able to PaySwarm philosophy into come in, which may need a multi-party cooperation in order to establish a new payment standard. During this time, Mozilla is bound to the desktop version and the Android version of Firefox browser fully committed to the promotion of own network payment API. 


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