WhatsApp has surpassed Twitter

In the recent AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile General Assembly, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum WhatsApp monthly active users than Twitter, although he did not specify the exact figures, but it is certainly more than 200 million.


Koum also pointed out that WhatsApp (flipping book) is currently sent an average of more than 8 billion. In accordance with the company are less than 50 engineers, each employee active users than any other active technology company.


Twitter pointed out that in December last year, the monthly number of active users exceeded 200 million, WhatsApp in January this year that its daily letter reached 7 billion. Although the comparison between the two is a bit far-fetched, but the most recent period, there is evidence that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (digital magazine software) are slowly losing its young users of all ages, these users are turning to a new platform similar to WhatsApp.


Koum mentioned that, although they have recently started to charge users a fee of $ 0.99 / yr, but no decline in the number of users. This means that now WhatsApp user growth, user activity and revenue have a better combination.


Koum Finally, WhatsApp does not accept any offer, because he is no reason to do so.


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