Amazon will launch Kindle TV set-top Boxes

Amazon finally launched a TV set-top box scheme – Kindle TV, and is expected that this device will be launched in the fall. The project consists of Amazon’s “126 laboratory research and development, the price of the product range is not known, but according to Boxee Roku. The competitors are $ 99 set-top box pricing, Amazon Kindle TV set-top box (pdf to flip page software) price should not vary greatly.


This means that the living room added fairly weighty players in the battle. Living room dominance from the original hardware manufacturers transferred to the content provider of resources, and in this respect, Amazon content resources than Google, Apple advantage. Launch its own hardware in the TV market will further control of dominance in the living room war.


Microsoft will be opened on May 21 next-generation Xbox products

Code Durango Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox has been the audience people look forward to, and even a lot of information has been leaked before. Microsoft has media release invitations, that will be held on May 21 in the the Xbox campus opened its so-called “new era”.


ITunes 10th Anniversary, Apple launched iTunes “10-page”

iTunes until now has been the tenth anniversary of this creative visionary at the time, created the the Apple Online resources ecological Empire. To celebrate, Apple launched the iTunes decade milestone page, and a list of some important events for users to review historical development.


Tumblr iOS App Updated support for Twitter, Facebook, the Read more Share it later

Tumblr 1 iOS version of the client update, the new version adds more social networking support, including Twitter, Facebook, as well as third-party clients like Tweetbot. Nokia will launch in Asia Asha 210 color full keyboard machine, BlackBerry Q10 will visit the North American market next week


Announced sales of 162 million Nokia 1050 features Nokia (page flipping book) in China, announced that it will launch in the second quarter Asha 210 color full keyboard machine, the machine priced at $ 445, 2.4-inch screen, a single card standby 42 days, dual card 24 days . Asha 210 also supports the Whatsapp shortcuts button. BlackBerry after two or three months before the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 will be held May 1 in Canada on sale, and landed at the end of the United States, two-year contract price of $ 249, $ 199 contract price than the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 $ 50 more expensive, bare metal price of about $ 549. But BlackBerry is not subject to the North American market to be see more users expect, on the contrary elsewhere in the world, compared to the Z10 was not successful sales, may be high-priced Q10 still can’t let the BlackBerry to return to the mainstream smart phone market. 


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