Can we read in depth in mobile Era?

Recently, organized and implemented by the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication of the tenth National Reading survey showed that increased the proportion of nationals in the digital reading on this dimension, increased slightly from 38.6% in 2011 to 40.3% in 2012, the electronic book reading, but there is a considerable increase from 2011, the per capita 1.42 to 2.35 in 2012. Other News is that Sohu mobile devices news client, the cumulative installed capacity has broken one hundred million. This information seems to show, mobile reading era is coming.

Mobile reading (mac flip book) has many advantages, for example, can take full advantage of fragmentation, suppose, for example because of the establishment on the basis of the digital technology, the collection has become very convenient to share. A collection share the impression notes, said that downloads has exceeded 300 million, it seems that people do have needs in this area.

Textual criticism of the media environment to learn a pulse scholars, read gave birth gave birth to liberal individualism, individualism, liberalism gave birth to today’s mainstream civilization. This test, according to whether the right can be discussed, but its starting point is that: Reading, Speaking and chat of the times, it is individual behavior: behind closed doors reading. In the imagination which is with elegance behavior. At the time of writing, and their dialogue, and strive to perfect works; readers when they read, and their dialogue will want to express the meaning of the work to think, more importantly, readers and authors with an unspeakable dialogue. These are introspective, prominent individuals, easy birth of individualism complex.

To the digital age, reading has become increasingly unlike the behavior of individuals. If the collection it belongs to introspection, sharing completely different. Share “collective”, but also full of show ingredients: Look, I see the things that are such. On my personal observation, experience, a lot of sharing in fact did not even mind reading thing I read long articles they share. Note that they are not in the sharing of experience, but after reading material.

Sharing behavior, to a large extent, has become a “game” – Tracy Nigel (indesign to flipbook converter) in her game to change the world, “a book, excellent game has a feedback system. Read this introspective thing was the lack of feedback, external hard to give you any stimulus to continue to encourage you to read. Share, there is a feedback, for example, to share this calls out. This feedback is to speed up the power of the people to share – note, not reading power. You come to me under the reading has not completely individualistic behavior, from the order to a small circle of collectivist behavior.

Mobile reading in the use of fragmented time, in turn, fragmented time can’t make you a very in-depth reading, not to mention quite a lot of reading in a noisy environment (such as subway), it lacks introspection context. Are read, but mobile reading is obviously further track approach.

Can we read in depth in mobile Era?


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