Rich Feature Setting of 3D PageFlip PowerPoint

3D products are becoming more and more popular in our daily life such as 3D printer and 3D flipbook brochure creator and so on. As we know that 3D printing technology, which is based on a digital model file, the use of powdered metal or plastic and can be an adhesive material, through the layer-by-layer printing technology to construct objects.

With ordinary printer working principle is basically the same printer built-in liquid or powder, and other printed materials, connected to the computer, the computer-controlled print material layer laminated together final blueprint on the computer into a kind.

Then let’s continue to talk about the 3D flipbook brochure creator. That is 3D PageFlip for PowerPoint. 3D PageFlip for PowerPoint is an easy to use flipbook brochure creator to create realistic page turning flash book and sound effect. Anyway, we have to mention the rich feature setting of 3D PageFlip PowerPoint today. With this wonderful flip book software, you can make the set the logo and title of flash book; change the background and sound; make it enable to download or print; change the tangle of flash book and show the thumbnails or not and so on. However, the powerful feature setting not only make the flash book more beautiful and has rich content but also make it readable and comfortable.

Then if you want to get a free registration code of 3D PageFlip for PowerPoint, then you can miss the giveaway activity on on May,22,2013. Here is the link: Anyway, the download will be worked on that day and you can download the flipbook brochure creator directly and it also has the free registration code. By the way, if you are interesting to convert PDF to flash magazine, you can get more information on our website


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