How to create an online (Html5 & jquery) flipbook with Flip Html5

When we talk about HTML5 flip book maker, we have to mention Flip HTML5. Then what’s Flip HTML5? Flip HTML5, a wonderful flip book maker to make impressive and amazing page flipping magazine with interactive 3D page turning effect. What’s more, Flip HTML5 support PDF, Office, OpenOffice as well as images to gorgeous flip book, magazine, brochure, catalogue and album. Besides, multiple beautiful templates and themes to decorate flipping book and various design settings buttons to help you design the flip magazine with your own fashion style.


In short, the free flip magazine creator by Flip HTML5 not only can be enriched with multimedia contents but also allow to upload or publish to local to read smoothly and share easily. Then in the article we are going to teach you how to create an online html5 and jquery flipbook with Flip HTMl5.


First of all, go to Flip HTML5 website to download and install the software then run it. Click “Demo” to view demo or “create new” to start import file including PDF, Office, OpenOffice and images to program. And then you can continue to enrich and edit the flip book with Flip HTML5.


Next is to start enrich the flipping magazine with design settings, flip book editor, templates of Flip HTML5. Design Settings is to change the basic, display and html control settings such as tool bar color, font, background and position, auto play and so on; then flip book editor take charge of inserting multi-media elements on page such as music, images slideshow, video, button, link, flash etc. and templates is to decide what the flip book looks like.


Next is to select a way to publish the flip book with Flip Html5. There are two ways to publish html5 flip magazine. Uploading flip book online allows you share on social media sites, email easily. Publishing flip magazine to local is easy for store and read. However, if you want to check the flipping book on mobile devices, then you should upload it online first. Anyway, download the page flipping converter click here. By the way, if you would like to find a flip book maker based on html5 and flash, then you can have a try on PageFlipPDF.



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