Awesome FlipBook Creator to read Digital Magazine on Mobile Devices

Nowadays, with developing technologies, more and more people prefer to read book, browser website such as social networking sites on mobile devices rather on PC. Then do you want to read your novel book on mobile devices with page turning effect which feels like a real paper book? Here we are going to show you a free turn page publishing generator for your reference called FlipBook Creator. In short, FlipBook Creator is an awesome Flip Page Maker to create sparkling digital magazine publication in minutes.


Quick Import PDF to Digital Magazine Publication

It only takes you four steps to create awesome digital magazine publication with FlipBook Creator. First of all, import the PDF file and then convert PDF to flipbook. Next is to select template and theme. Then it is to refresh the magazine with clicking “Apply Change”. Finally, publish the flipbook as the format you want.

Awesome Diverse Templates and Themes

There are multiples templates for you to decorate the digital magazine and highlight the magazine content. The most obvious differences among the template are the tool bar position and icon shape.

Various Output Formats for Digital Magazine Publication

With FlipBook Creator, on one hand, you can publish digital magazine publication as plug-in for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal; on the other hand, you can email it, publish to FTP server, Html, Zip and mobile version and so on.

Read Digital Magazine on Mobile Version Simply

If you don’t want to publish it to local, then you can upload it online with the wonderful turn page publishing generator. After that, you will get the online address of the digital magazine. Then just type down the address on mobile devices browsers, you will read the flip book on mobile devices successfully.


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