The Ultimate Guide to Publishing your eBook with Page Flip Effect

We can’t deny that digital publications plays important role in modern market strategy. Then do you have powerful page flip software to publish your eBook? Do you know how to create an impressive eBook in simple steps? Then in the article, we will take PUB HTML5 for example to show you ultimate guide to publishing page flip book in minutes.


PUB HTML5 is page flip software for creating awesome digital publication e-magazine, e-book, e-brochure and e-catalog with realistic page flipping effect. With PUB HTML5, for one thing, you are able to convert PDF to online digital publication directly or enrich by desktop version and publish it online or offline; for another, the digital publications can be shared to network, embed into website and email to someone easily. Here we will show you ultimate guide of desktop version of PUB HTML5.


Import and Customize

PUB HTML5 ( provides a easy way for users to import PDF file to flipbook. And then it enables you to customize page ranges, page quality and size, render engine and language of imported PDF file. By the way, you can batch convert multiple PDFs to flipbook with PUB HTML5 as well.


Customize Layout Settings

And then it is time to define the flipbook layout. You are able to change layout design and background by customizing templates and themes settings. In addition, change tool bar color, font, icon and function by custom settings. Furthermore, the book language can be modified as well.


Multimedia and Animation Settings

Next let’s move to insert multimedia and animation content into flip page with PUB HTML5. Edit page allows users to insert multimedia content such as video, audio, images and link with ease. And then animation editor enables users to insert multimedia content with animated effect. What’s more, you can customize the inserted objects animation time line and start and end animation with ease.


Publish Digital Publication

Then it is the final step. Method one is to upload flipbook online to our server and then you can copy online link, share, embed and email directly. Method two is to publish the wonderful digital publication as the format such as HTML, Zip, Exe and save as Plug-in and more then upload it to your website or read offline.



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