Top 3 Flipbook Makers to Help Beat your Competitors

Flipbook is becoming more and more popular among developer and designer. Thanks to flipbook technology, it can transform any digital page content into a wonderful document where the pages turn on touch screen and engage readers through an attractive solution. As we know that there are lots of benefits of creating flipbooks such as huge savings, high impact and incredible interactivity. Then in the post, we will introduce you top 3 flipbook makers to increase you sales and beat your competitors.


With PUB HTML5, you can create wonderful flipbook with appealing interface to attract more traffic for boosting your business. What’s more, PUB HTML5 provides a solution for users to create interactive contents to engage your customers. In addition, you can share page flipbook to social networking, embed into website and share via email.


Then not only can you share and embed page flipbook online, but also can you distribute it offline. For example, you can read flipbook offline as publishing as HTML format; publish as exe, zip and burn to CD to store and share quickly; upload to FTP directly and publish as plug-in for embedding easily.

3D Page Flip Professional

3D Page Flip Professional is amazing html5 digital catalog software to create inspiring digital product catalog. Anyway, it also is page flip software for converting PDF into page turning flipbook. 3D Page Flip Professional is an ideal page flip creator for users to create flipbook. First of all, it can help you display objects or products in 360 degrees. What’s more, you are able to adjust the angle of flipbook with ease.

html5 digital magazine software pub html5

eFlip Professional

eFlip Professional is page flip software to convert PDF into flash-based flipbook in minutes. With eFlip Professional, you can build a bookcase to display your online digital flipbook and share your bookcase easily. Besides, you can create Android mobile app in minutes in order to read flipbook easier. What’s more important, it allows you to customize themes for your flipbook, you can save the current setting as theme for future use.



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